YOUR MOST COMPLETE GUIDE to choosing the best Schengen Travel Insurance


Now more than ever, travel insurance is necessary, because, in addition to being mandatory to travel to certain countries, such as Spain and the Schengen Area, the price is too low not to be included in your travel budget.

But 👀 not just any travel insurance is worth it. That is why today I give you a guide, the most complete you will find, on the Keys to choose the best Travel Insurance, because there is a lot of noise out there, and people have a thousand stories in their minds.

Although the former is specific to Schengen Travel Insurance, the latter applies to any travel insurance policy you take out.

Because unexpected events can ALWAYS happen, and with the RIGHT travel insurance, it is like a small stumble on your way, but without it, it can be a BIG OBSTACLE or even the OBSTACLE OF YOUR LIFE to make the trip of your dreams.

I explain everything to you in this short but substantial video, where I also give you examples and travel hacks or tricks of globetrotters and travel agents of THOUSANDS of travellers for more than 13 years.

If you are more to read, I explain it to you below:

The cost of well-chosen Schengen travel insurance is a trifle, just a few euros, about the tremendous investment in money, time, and enthusiasm we make for a trip to Europe.

If to come to Spain or the Schengen Area, you require a visa; you will be aware that you must take out Schengen Travel Insurance since it is a prerequisite to obtaining the Schengen visa. The problem arises if your country is visa-free.

But if you are exempt from a Schengen visa and you control it at the border, perhaps you may be considering traveling without SCHENGEN TRAVEL INSURANCE, and I WOULD NEVER DO THAT.

I want to know if I deserve a visa or not to travel to Spain! >>> VIDEO <<<

There are precedents for denial of entry into Spain and the Schengen Area for lacking Schengen travel insurance and also because even having Schengen Travel Insurance; it does not meet the minimum coverage required.

So, you have to consider the four essentials that by Regulation, the immigration authorities require when they apply for Schengen Travel Insurance:

Be Schengen travel insurance with a minimum medical coverage of 30,000 euros and no deductible or franchise. Perhaps you are wondering, What is the deductible or the excess in travel insurance? It is the sum of money that the insurance company does not compensate in case of claims. For example, if you take out Schengen travel insurance with a deductible of 500 euros, the insurer covers the expenses of 500 euros onwards, any incident below that amount, you would pay. So, as a requirement to travel to Spain or the Schengen Area, ⛔ the travel insurance with deductible or excess is not valid.
Include repatriation associated with an accident or sudden illness. Repatriation in travel insurance usually covers the costs of transferring to the airport closest to where the event has occurred (death, accident, or illness), as well as the return trip to the country whose nationality the insured has, the formalities necessary, and the transfer from the airport of your country to the hospital or funeral home (the funeral home).
Cover the entire time of the stay. From this point, I give you a trick in the video.
Cover in all countries of the Schengen Area.
Experience tells me that in addition to the above, the following keys have the same or more weight to choose the best Schengen travel insurance:

Contract with a recognized Schengen travel insurance company, accredited in Europe.
Take advantage of offers and promotions and get more benefits for the same price of essential travel insurance at
Another aspect, which, in my view, as an inveterate traveller, is too essential: Communication. I want to speak with a person who empathizes with my needs, not with an operator. This paid number charge calls per second, or with people who look like robots, the kind that treats you as just another number and responds almost predetermined to everything: YES, NO. I want them to respond to me through all possible channels, every day of the year, and in different time zones.
Well, I am not satisfied with little. That is why I created, an international travel agency friend of travellers. We do like to assist you. Before during, or after the trip, we can call you back wherever you are, no matter where in the world; we cover those expenses without any commitment to you, and we also keep in touch by WhatsApp.

Don’t gamble with Travel Insurance.

It is not smart to buy the cheapest travel insurance, nor is it wise to buy the most expensive.

You have to hire the BEST, adapted to your circumstances, and believe me when I tell you that it is very economical and with great benefits.

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Nothing strange; we just need to know the basics about where you are travelling from

Please make sure the contact information is correct so that we can contact you.

We can call you for free to advise you on Schengen Travel Insurance if you prefer 🔜 Yes, I want to travel BETTER.

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