Travel to Spain in times of Coronavirus Covid-19

Hello love, did you know that it is possible to travel to Spain even in these times of the Coronavirus COVID-19?

Spain is one of the countries most open to reactivating travel. There are broad essential causes for travelling to Spain or making a stopover at the Spanish airport despite COVID.

The only thing required in Spain to make a stopover or travel here, if you find yourself in any of the cases, is roughly the Health Form.

Remember that you must always meet the usual (pre-pandemic) Requirements to travel to Spain in 2020. At the end of this post, I leave you a link to the video that I have prepared for you on my YouTube channel about the Requirements for you to review if you deserve or no visa to travel to Spain at this time.

Update 01.10.2020

Entry into Spain of EU nationals and family members who are beneficiaries of the right to free movement is allowed, as indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its official website. 👈

They are also exempted from the rule and IF they can travel to Spain:

a) Ordinary residents of the European Union, Schengen Associated States, Andorra, Monaco, The Vatican (Holy See), or San Marino who go to that country, providing documentary proof.

b) Holders of a long-stay visa issued by a Member State or Schengen Associated State heading to that country.

c) Health professionals, including health researchers and elderly care professionals heading to or returning from their work activity.

d) Transportation personnel, sailors, and aeronautical personnel necessary to carry out air transport activities.

e) Diplomatic, consular, international organizations, military, civil protection, and members of humanitarian organizations, in the exercise of their functions.

f) Students who carry out their studies in the Member States or Schengen associated States and who have the corresponding permit or visa and medical insurance, provided that they go to the country where they are studying, and that the entry occurs during the academic year or the 15 days prior.

g) Highly qualified workers whose work is necessary and cannot be postponed or carried out remotely, including participants in high-level sports events in Spain. These circumstances must be justified by documentation.

h) Persons travelling for duly accredited imperative family reasons.

i) People who document reasons of force majeure or need, or whose entry is allowed for humanitarian reasons.

j) Residents in the countries:

1. Australia.

2. Canada.

3. Georgia.

4. Japan.

5. New Zealand.

6. Rwanda.

7. South Korea.

8. Thailand.

9. Tunisia.

10. Uruguay.

11. China.

Provided that they come directly from them, they have transited exclusively through other countries included in the list or have only carried out international transits in airports located in countries not included in the annexe. In the case of residents in China, reciprocity remains to be verified.

Also, there is a whole civil movement that began on social networks and has its achievements because it has made at least nine countries contemplate the reunion of unmarried binational couples and are together in these times.

Spain has already admitted this possibility 💞. Look at this post where I give you all the details because there are great possibilities.

#LoveIsNotTourism and #LoveIsNotEssential

Remember that regardless of the COVID requirements to travel to Spain, you must consider those that you must meet according to your nationality.


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