Official travel information in times of the Coronavirus.

Whether you are a travel agent or traveller, I leave you official links, super necessary in these moments of so many hoaxes, misinformation, and chaos in the telephone lines of suppliers, airlines, health centres, and other officials, in these times of the Coronavirus.
You have links to competent authorities and updated minute by minute, where you can consult all the necessary information to be up to date with reliable information.

I want to know in real-time, what are the travel measures and restrictions adopted by governments?

As a suggestion, you can consult in several languages, including Spanish. The updated date is also indicated here. As always, I recommend checking official sources such as the Consulate or Embassy of the destination country in your country of residence.

What should I do before travelling to Spain about COVID-19?

Spain today allows citizens from 11 countries to access tourism: Australia, Canada, South Korea, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, and China (the latter still waiting to be confirmed reciprocity). Of Latin America, only Uruguay follows. Remember that this list will be reviewed every 15 days. In third countries, it is admitted for exceptional reasons such as repatriation, family reunification, study visa, work reasons, and medical assistance, among others. Each traveller must fill out an online public health form here. I have a video where I show you how it is and what you need to WATCH THE VIDEO. Once you complete the way, you will receive a QR code that you must present upon arrival in Spain. As always, I recommend checking official sources such as the Consulate or Embassy of the destination country in your country of residence.

From which countries can you travel to Spain for tourism today?

Recently, the list of countries that allowed entry into Spain for tourism and not only for exceptional reasons was updated:

How has the Coronavirus changed the way you travel by plane?

You should take steps before you travel, upon arrival at the airport, during the flight, and upon landing. I explain everything to you in this post that contains 17 keys to take into consideration. If you have any questions, remember that we have a direct and personal attention service at We even call you for free.

Are you travelling to a European country? Everything you need to know about reopening, arrival quarantine.

Also, in the Spanish language, enter the name of the country you want to visit and know the current measures.
Europe reopening

Questions and answers, all about the Coronavirus, recommendations when you travel.

WHO (World Health Organization)

Real-time information on the status of my flight, policies of date changes by airlines in times of Coronavirus:

Airlines, flight status, and changes, updated in real-time.

How can I stay safe when travelling internationally?

Updated tips for travellers from the World Health Organization (Spanish).

What government are measures taking in each country for the entry and exit of passengers?

Official information that IATA. You can search by typing the name of the country you want to know more about (English).

You can also consult the World Health Organization press centre, where all the events are organized in chronological order.

Where can I see the status of my flight to check-in online?

Link to all airlines.
If I have any questions about travel, where can I call?

Telephone help centre, by e-mail, webchat, and WhatsApp for your trips: We are always activated to support you (Spanish – English)
It is essential that you do not echo false information, consult only official sources.
Let me know if you miss any additional links. I read you in the comments.

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