Do you want to be happy? Travel and love

“20 years from now, you will be more disappointed with the things you did not do than in the things you did. So untie moorings and sail away from the well-known ports. Take advantage of the trade winds in your sails. Explore. It sounds. Discover”. Pablo Neruda

I was thinking about what to write today, and you know what? I think the best I can write for you is what we say so quickly, but we hardly get HAPPINESS. Luckily, I can say that I have found the formula to achieve mine, so I want to share the secret with you:

Do you want to be happy? Travels. It’s that easy. It is not a question of how much you spend or how far you go to escape the routine. Runaway from it, because routine dulls you, makes you sleepy, and turns you into that person you swore you would never be.

Work, home, obligations can only be fought with adventures, new people, learning, and a lot of joy. And that love is achieved by traveling. The formula is simple: invest your money in experiences, don’t spend money on things. It does not matter that you have little or a lot to go to a luxury hotel in Brazil or camping in the next town in Spain. The important thing is that each experience you accumulate becomes wisdom, memories, knowledge, and happiness.

Although the reasons for traveling are infinite and very personal, I am going to leave you some of mine so that, if you feel like it, you can make them yours:

📍 Because I deserve it: that of course, I work a lot, a lot. And, although I love what I do, it is clear that in another life, I must have been a wealthy eccentric in the style of Willy Fog or gypsy, because there is nothing that cheers my mountain body more than being a globetrotter. Also, what do you want me to tell you, you have to love yourself and treat yourself, because if you wait for others to give them to you, you can wait sitting down.

📍Because it makes me a better person: whenever I travel, I realize that the world is an infinitely better place than what they tell us in the news. Doesn’t it happen to you? I have been to many, many countries, and I don’t have a bad memory of any. Whenever I have needed help or have seen myself alone, I have found a helping hand and good people. The truth is that every time I travel, I become more generous and confident.

📍 Because I am free: travelling is being open. Think about it. The alarm clock only goes off if you want, eat when you wish to, talk to who you want, and spend the whole day doing only what interests you. It is so you, all the time, that it even scares. How many days a year can we do what we want? Only when we are away from everything and on vacation.


📍 Because I learn and unlearn: travelling should be validated as a subject in any career. So clear. Knowing other realities, other cultures, and different ways of seeing life helps us respect and understand others and ourselves. If you get stuck in a rut, your world is limited to a skewed version of reality. But when you travel, you eliminate prejudices; you learn to question what you have learned and learn what is asked. In short, you get to see everything with different eyes.

📍 Because I meet new people: on every trip, I have made, I have met new people. Some have stayed in my life, becoming friends, and others were passing through, but I have learned a lot from all of them. Their culture, language, and way of understanding the world, so different from mine, have helped me realize that there are many ways to live life.

📍 Because I never get tired of seeing new and not so new places: if something has become clear to me on each trip, it is that the photos never do justice to the most famous corners and monuments and that it does not matter how many times you go to a place, each time is different. And please, I ask you, do not miss an incredible location by taking a selfie or uploading a photo to Instagram or Facebook. Live in the moment and remember that the best place to be recorded is on your retina.

📍Because it forces me to improve myself: travelling, I have learned to ski, go rafting, I have eaten worm and fried ants, I have walked more kilometres than I thought I could bear, and I have overcome the objection to moving alone in the world. Trust me, shake off your fear and go out there, I assure you that you have no idea how many beautiful things there are and that you did not even know they exist.
In short, travel, friend, travel. Happiness is inside you, but also out there, waiting for you, and you have to go out to find it.


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