How to travel to Spain safer?


These have been the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez last May, about the progressive opening of ports and airports in Spain01.

“Spain awaits you, with all the guarantees… Spanish tourism will have two new labels that of safety and sustainability. Whoever visits Spain can have the guarantee that they are treading on the safe ground.”

Today more than ever, we reiterate ourselves at your disposal to plan your next safe trip; we are there for you every day of the year and in different time zones.

Don’t improvise anymore!

Do you want someone with proven experience to guide you on what you have to do step by step, a person who supports you at any time when you have doubts?

Then it would help if you had a Dream Travel Maker from Viajamor that will be available to you 365 days a year, offering you complete coverage before, during, and after your trips, making your only concern is to enjoy yourself.


Suppose it is the first time that you are going to travel to a place. In that case, we can send you a guide with useful information about the destination, recommendations about how to dress, what you must present to the immigration authorities at no cost.

Also, we will hold online meetings with you to clarify all your doubts.

We help you choose which means of transport to travel (plane, ship, train).

We provide you with full information before travelling. For example, entry requirements to a country, if your flight has a stopover, we specify how many hours it would be; if you must change the airport where you should go, we give you travel advice, free city guides.

We assist you in choosing the right accommodation, according to your preferences, budget, distance from the places you are interested in visiting.

We actively participate with you in choosing the activities to carry out during the trip.

We listen to you, and we put your shoes on to provide you with practical solutions to your problems:

We manage assistance for the elderly or people with disabilities at no cost, and we confirm the service so that everything goes as planned 72 hours before departure.

We have experts who know all the singularities of airlines for the travel of unaccompanied minors. We advise you on which airline to use; we will indicate the cost and the service’s particular characteristics. We also fill out the required forms and verify the contracted service’s adherence to the trip of the minor travelling alone.

We provide detailed information and manage travel with pets (we know the policies of each airline, the costs, and we collect the reservation, confirmation, and issuance of flights with pets.

We make changes to your reservation on the fly, assuming, for example, that the flight has been delayed and you will arrive later at the reserved hotel, or you will not arrive that day, at the risk of losing the reservation for not giving prior notice.

During trips, unforeseen events will arise that are not solved in the same way if you travel alone or travel with the peace of mind of being supported by your Dream Travel Maker from Viajamor. Many times a WhatsApp or a timely call to the expert will save you a significant inconvenience.

We reduce your anxiety about travelling thanks to free, continuous, direct, and personalized support and advice. No other agency in the world will take care of you like this!

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