Sicily, does it pay you flights to Italy + hotel to boost its economy?

The Sicilian regional government has announced an aggressive promotion to attract tourists who want to travel to Italy. It will pay 50% of the plane’s cost and 30% of the hotel to tourists to attract both locals as abroad. And this may interest you.

They indicate that it would be possible when flights are already allowed. It will only be enough to enter the official Visit Sicily website where those interested can download a voucher.

The problem is that there is no specific date for the reopening of flights to Italy due to a lack of political consensus.

Sicily, due to its size, is the leading Italian island and the fourth island in Europe.

It is of volcanic origin with several active volcanoes, including the famous Etna. Mountain areas predominate, as well as isolated plateaus and massifs. Etna is its highest peak, 3323 meters above sea level.

It has numerous rivers, although they have little flow, among them the Simeto, the Platani, and the Salso.

Sicily is a place where the environment, the landscape, the history, and the inhabitants determine a different sensibility. This is how the many names that have made and make Sicily land of culture bear witness. Painting, cinema, and writing distinguish the art of the Sicilians.

As a curiosity, there are many famous artists of Sicilian origin: Joseph Barbera, Jon Bon Jovi (John F. Bongiovi), Steve Buscemi, Frank Capra, Joe DiMaggio, Al Pacino, Chazz Palminteri, Mario Puzo, Antonin Scalia, Martin Scorsese, Frank Sinatra, Sylvester Stallone, John Turturro, Steven Tyler (Stephen V. Tallarico) and Frank Zappa and many others.

Below I leave a link for you to download a complete travel guide.

What do you think about this measure that the Sicilian regional government has adopted of 50% discount on flights to Italy and 30% from the hotel? Do you dare to go?

Are you interested in knowing about all the discounts to travel around the world these days?

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