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at We want to take care of you before, during, and after the trip. And to do that, we make sure you are safe from any accident, from the smallest to the worst.

We have already told you in this blog that you have to travel insurance with travel policies. Today we want to show the real stories of our community -and of one of our own Dream Travel Makers- that show why having travel insurance is so necessary, because, as the great Venezuelan Gilberto Correa said, “It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

Here are four real travel insurance stories that saved the day and that we recommend to our travelling community:

Through the front door (Basic insurance)

Dubén was very anxious about his trip to Madrid. He was leaving Caracas for Madrid and feared that immigration would reject him for any reason (or no reason at all) upon arrival. That is why our Dream Travel Makers explained the Requirements to travel to Spain, which has Schengen travel insurance.

Dubén purchased his travel insurance at the time of migration in Madrid; the competent authority requested his printed policy and let it pass.

Our traveler tells us that he will always take out travel insurance to avoid bad times after that experience.

Santo Remedio (Medical insurance)

Our coworker and Dream Travel Maker, Liza, travelled around Madrid happily like a worm. She was walking with her husband and daughter. And suddenly, on any given day of your vacation, Ay! Her back began to ache.

The good news is that we already know first-hand how to use travel insurance in Spain. First, they called the emergency number at the destination that appeared in the policy, and they were served wonderfully; after a short conversation where they asked for the policy number (significant to have it handy), they took a moment and returned the call. “Go to the Emergencies of Hospital San Rafael. They wait for her there with the order we created” And indeed, they attended to her quickly and satisfactorily.

After a physical examination and an X-ray, Liza obtained a diagnosis and treatment for her muscle contraction. “The most important thing is that (the care) is immediate. As soon as I called, they told me, go, there is your order,” remembers Liza.

As part of the treatment they sent to our partner, there were a series of medicines they paid for at the pharmacy and asked for insurance reimbursement.

Despite the mishap, it was a happy journey for her and her family.

Damages at the airport (Accident insurance)

Our friend Nelly and her husband were travelling to see their children in December, very excited. So excited that Mrs Nelly rushed off a step, slipped, and fell down the ladder. And so, without being able to think about it, the emergency arrived.

Their son, José, was waiting for them at the terminal, anxious to see that they did not leave. Not one of his parents met him, but an airport official, who told him what had happened. “Do you have a travel insurance policy?” And the answer of “Yes, of course” made all the difference for Nelly, her husband, and their son. The same airport staff took care of everything, calling, making arrangements with the clinic, and providing all the assistance.

Although it did not get off to a good start, Nelly’s visit had a happy ending thanks to insured travel.

Success assured (Cancellation insurance)

Carlos is a corporate traveller who is often on the go to handle the company’s affairs. We have the pleasure of taking you where you need to go, and we always do it with an ace up our sleeve, which is the guarantee that in the event of any flight cancellation, you can save the cost of the ticket with your cancellation insurance.

For busy travellers who cannot miss opportunities and want to reach their destination in the best way, this is a solution to prevent losses and avoid eventualities.

One last word, from our Dream Travel Maker María Fabiola “I always ask my clients to review the policy charts, because there are some types of coverage that they can use and they don’t, simply because they don’t know about them.”

By having insurance, you can be protected against theft, loss of luggage, cancellation, and even delay in baggage delivery. “Enforce the rights you have because you acquired an insurance policy,” concludes.

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