Cruise ships? Yes, please!

Two outstanding cruises that you have to know.

There are two types of people globally: Those who love cruises and those who have not dared to ride one.

For many, the idea of ​​sailing for several days may sound super boring, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

The advantages of vacationing on cruise ships.

Having the opportunity to enjoy a cruise is unmatched; that tranquillity of not breaking our heads planning the day-to-day of our vacations, having everything at hand and without walking a lot, is sometimes a change compared to the typical hectic holidays that one It has from airport to airport, more train, more subway, more bus where we don’t stop for a second.

Currently, cruises have so many attractions that the days fly by, and they are not enough to know or enjoy it all: swimming pools, shows, restaurants, spas, among others.

Today I particularly want to recommend two cruises that we have in Viajamor.

Cruise with Mediterranean flavor

I love Mediterranean cruises because there is always good weather and the maritime landscapes fill my eyes with such beauty.

This fabulous cruise will take you to know in 8 days, the delicious Mediterranean in a trip where you will visit Palma de Mallorca, Valletta, Catania in Sicily, CitiCivitavecchia in Rome, and Genoa in Italy.

In Palma de Mallorca, you cannot miss the Cathedral-Basilica of Santa María and the first castle with a circular plan called the Bellver Castle.

In particular, this cruise seems to be the coolest !! Because when you enter, you will see that it is inspired by music; the entire interior of the ship is personalized with musical notes.

It is one of the most fun cruises that I have taken because it has activities for all tastes.

It has a Grand Prix Simulator, a night cinema screen, a theatre where the sound is incredible, and a recording studio, which I couldn’t believe.

I can’t describe it to you; you have to live it.

I also loved this cruise because you can enjoy oriental rituals to have complete relaxation; it has a spa, hot springs, a Turkish bath, a sauna, and a beautiful solarium.

Children can also enjoy fun activities in the mini club and various areas of the ship where there are games for young people and children.

And not to mention the food !! The buffet has delicious and always different dishes so that one does not get bored.

The most awaited moment for young and old is the show in the theatre that leaves more than one with their mouths open, with magicians, singers, acrobats, and dancers. Every show is like you are on Broadway!

For lovers of a good party, these boats offer singers, DJs, and dancers, parties in the pools, and the discos. Thematic shows go from rock to Latin music, without forgetting the revival of the eighties and nineties.


Looking for a unique experience? Changing the style a little, I want to tell you about this opportunity to know the majesty of the Middle East on board this luxury cruise through the United Arab Emirates, an unforgettable journey through Arab traditions and culture.

This boat is one of the newest in the Costa Cruises fleet, and what I like in particular is that it perfectly combines the relaxation of cruises with the adventure of vacations, since the port calls are more extended, allowing that you go down and discover each city you visit without the run of other trips.

The best months to take the UAE cruise are between November and March, inclusive, where you can enjoy a rich temperature of 25 ° C throughout the day.


There is an option for every budget since this ship has 1862 cabins. We find suites, panoramic with balcony and large suites with a private balcony. I can project myself together with amordemisamores in such a place!

If you book the package in the Classic, Premium, or Suit category, you will have all drinks included, and the classic also provides lunch and dinner.

It will be eight days to relax after getting off to know each city; this cruise has a relaxation centre and gym to gain extra pounds! You can also enjoy classes on physical well-being, outdoor pools and jacuzzis, a sports field, and an outdoor jogging track.

To have fun, there are many things to do, go to the theatre, and to the international shows that are presented every night. For the quietest, they can always read a good book by the pool.

What do you think of these love cruises? Did you want to travel to one? I’m dying to read your comments !!

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