Pay your trip in installments if you reside in Spain with


If you live in Spain, pay for your trip in instalments. You can buy any Offer in instalments because we offer more flexibility to finance your trips or those of your family and friends, from and to any place in the world.


Through the integration of Aplázame in the final shopping basket of the Offers section, you can pay in as many instalments as you want, up to a maximum of 12 months on the day that best suits you in the month. Buy now and pay later!

How to pay for your trip in instalments without paperwork?

Alabama offers you online credit so you can pay your trip in instalments with two only requirements:


Have a DNI or NIE, even a red card.

Have a bank card with an entity in Spain (debit or credit) or Paypal.

The approval (or not) of the credit for this online purchase is instantaneous once you enter the previous information that the system requires.


At the moment, you will pay entry, and the interest will be calculated on loan, and you will defer the payment for as long as you need it.


Try our Check-Out directly on the Web with the product of your preference; you will see two screens similar to the following:

If you want to do some tests or simulation of the exercise, we leave you a Demo <<< —- but remember that it will only be financed up to a maximum of 12 months.


Finance with the postponement.

Financing for online purchases is at an interest of 14.82% APR. It has practically dropped to HALF!


Up to € 2,500 of credit instantly (with a maximum of € 1,000 per transaction) to buy whatever they want and up to 12 months to pay.


No hidden fees or fine print. Always figure out what you are going to pay and when. What is shown in the checkout process is what you will be charged. Not a penny more.


Do you have any doubt? You can consult Aplazame directly:


E-mail: [email protected]


Telephone: +34 919033015


I tell you more:

It’s simple

It’s simple, and you won’t need to register or create an account to finance a purchase. You have to select Aplazame as the payment method and fill in some personal information so that they respond to you instantly.


No hidden fees

There are no surprises or fine print. You always figure out what you are going to pay and when. The only thing you will pay is what you will see during the purchase process. Not a penny more.


Quick and easy

No documentation or paperwork. Will only ask you for a couple of personal information. You say the number of months you want to pay and the day you want to pay. Alabama will show you the amount of interest, and they will confirm the credit in seconds.


Flexible and secure

You will pay as you want. Choose which card you want to do it with, and you can add as many as you need. And your data, always safe. We take security very seriously and use the latest standards to keep you safe.


Glossary of basic concepts:

1. What is the ticket?


It is the initial payment that you will make when you request credit with Aplazame.


When you choose Aplazame as payment method and request financing, you must pay a ticket at the time of the request. The payment of this ticket is essential and allows the platform to verify your identity and validate the card to which you are associating the financing.


This initial outlay from the amount of your credit.


2. What is the loan?


The loan refers to the amount for which you are requesting financing from Aplazame. It corresponds to the total amount of the cart minus the initial entry that you pay at the time of the credit request.


The amount of each installment on this borrowed amount will vary depending on the number of monthly payments and the client’s payment day.


3. What is interest?


These are the costs derived from receiving the loan associated with the management and risk of the operation. In a transparent way, this amount is the only thing it will cost you to finance your purchase.


As we explained before, the amount of interest depends on the risk assessment, the number of instalments in which the payment is divided, and the selected payment day.


We don’t like our travellers worrying about the fine print or thinking that we will charge hidden fees. That is why we are transparent, and we show them the amount of these concepts when they request the loan. What you see there is the only thing we will charge you, not a penny more!


Financing concepts Aplazame


Loan Amount = Shopping Cart – Entry

Total payable by the client = Entry + Loan + Interest


As you can see, understanding the terms used in financing is more straightforward than it seems, and if you are not yet part of our travelling community, ask us for more info or send us an e-mail to [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

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