DUBAI: Luxury, Adventures DID YOU KNOW…?

Did you know that Dubai, in addition to being one of the leading luxury destinations, can offer you incredible adventures for very little money?

There indeed is much to do and to see in Dubai for me to come now giving ideas. It has the most star hotel in the world, the tallest skyscraper, and the largest shopping centre. And yes, all this is, without a doubt, very attractive, but within reach of very few pockets. However, there is one thing that Dubai has to give and take, where you can have a great time and at an unbeatable price. Well, it’s clear! To the sand

Although man seems to have won the battle against nature by creating a whole artificial world around this place, a lot has to happen for man to one day defeat the infinite sands of the Arabian desert. So, they have thought that, as they say, “If you can’t beat your enemy, join him.”

The plan is unbeatable: You can drive a four × four off-road vehicle or a quad in the middle of the desert and enjoy the scenery and the thrill of driving a car through the vast dunes.

Whether you are a photography fan or not, the tour will leave you with images worthy of the best National Geographic cover. And the most traditional will be able to enjoy a ride in the means of transport that has been the king of the arena for centuries: the camel.

After enjoying a sunset that only the peace and colours of the desert can offer you, you can dine on a barbecue that, after so much adventure, is sure to taste like glory.

The icing on the cake is the shows, including the famous belly dance.

Like everything, the plan has its drawbacks: it is not recommended for pregnant women or people with heart problems. The care of the children is the responsibility of their parents, and of course, you are responsible for your participation in the adventure. Also, if you go during the month of Ramadan, some activities may be affected.

The best? The price: € 50. I don’t miss it; what’s more, I already look like Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia.

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